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In 1972 a superpowered being, calling himself Overlord, with plans of conquest for the Asian continent attacked several cities. Several heroes, responding to requests for help from the attacked countries, travelled to face the villain and stop him from gaining further power. The heroes had come from across the world, and had only passing knowledge of each other's abilities. They soon encountered the Overlord's minions, and fought well. Most of their opponents were mystically augmented humans, and while very formidable against normal humans stood little chance against the combined might of the heroes. After several days of fighting, the heroes encountered the Overlord himself, accompanied by his most powerful minions. The heroes faired well, but were eventually being overpowered. Overlord, a psychic who had aquired several magic weapons and artifacts, faced one hero after another, striking them down as they weakened.

One hero, Yun Wei (aka Floating Dragon), arrived in the middle of the battle. He dispatched several of the mystically enhanced fighters, but as he saw the heroes struck down he decided to reveal the extent of his long hidden power. Master Wei transformed into a giant (90 feet long!) dragon, and struck out at Overlord. Within seconds, the fight was over, as the dragon had crushed his opponent into the ground. The dragon slew over 30 enhanced minions before the mystic artifact used to give them power was destroyed by one of the other heroes. Finally, their leader slain and without powers, the remaining opponents cowered in fear before the bloody dragon and the angry heroes, who took them into custody.

The heroes present that day, having lost a number of their own, saw the need to band together. They asked Master Wei to join them in forming a group of heroes willing to travel the world and fight against those who would use power to abuse the weak and ravage the land. That day marked the formation of the Watchers. The three fallen heroes were buried with honor near the place they fell; Overlord was cremated and buried near them, as a reminder of the need for vigilance.

The Watchers eventually built a headquarters outside of Denver, with secondary strongholds in Europe and Asia. They chose to base in North America because of the wealth of supervillain threats on the continent, but fought worldwide. The group opposed international charters from organizations like the UN, instead encouraging countries to donate directly to the group. In 1985 several founding members left, leaving the group greatly undermanned. For 20 months the Watchers were officially inactive, while new members were recruited. The second incarnation fought bravely against many opponents, but as the population of SPBs greatly increased they found less work. By 1992 the group was low on operating funds and were considering closing their doors. The Watchers stationed on separate continents began to work largely independent of other members, in an attempt to lower the overhead costs and increase visibility in key regions. After several deaths in 1996, the Watchers in Europe disbanded, followed soon after by the groups outside of North America. In early 1998 the Watchers headquarters outside Denver closed, disbanding the last of the remaining members.

Current Incarnation: 2001

The Watchers have been reformed, largely through the efforts of now retired founding members. Defender, who had been in a self-regenerative coma for over fifteen years, finally rose, and wanted to rejoin the cause. With the team disbanded he convinced his friend Yun Wei, soon followed by Centurion, to reform the Watchers. Unable or unwilling to convince their remaining fellow teammates to join them, they sought out a new generation of members. They soon realized that there is a great deal of power abuse by SPBs (especially in North America, where the SPB population is greatest), and eventually received a contract from the US government to police SPB vigilantes. They operate from the North American headquarters outside of Denver, but plan to eventually expand operations by obtaining similar contracts in other countries.

Current Watchers Sample of Founding Watchers