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My Characters: Bad

Character stats assembled using Heroes Unlimited Second Edition™


Super Power Category: Experiment

Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure: Electricity; Bio-Armor; Extraordinary Speed
See my note on Combining AltPhysStruct Powers

Base Attributes:
Medium-High PS, PE, PP, Speed
Alignment: Unprincipled
Gender: Male

Occupation: Bodyguard / Security Officer
Experience Level: 5th
Attacks per Melee: 6

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In human form, Breakdown is an athletic, moderately muscled man. He has short dark hair and pale blue eyes. Electricity crackles around him when he uses his Extraordinary Speed or Bio-Armor in human form. When he uses his Alter Physical Structure: Electricity his physical body is transformed into electrical energy. He finds it disconcerting to have no solid physical form, prefering instead to couple the power with his Bio-Armor. The armor forms disconnected metallic plates around his body which help contain his electric energies.
Breakdown will use his Speed or Bio-Armor during everyday situations, but when threatened by a formidable opponent will enter combat in his armored electric form. He likes using hand to hand combat in combination with his electric attacks. He is reasonably loyal to the company he works for, which developed his powers in an experimental setting. They pay him well, and usually treat him respectfully. Breakdown is content with his position; he's aware of his limitations. He considered breaking away and becoming a superhero or -villain, but he wouldn't know where to start and has seen too many get taken down in the news.


Super Power Category: Mutant

Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure: Plasma; Multiple Selves

Base Attributes:
Medium-High IQ, ME, PE
Alignment: Miscreant
Gender: Male

Occupation: Assassin / Enforcer
Experience Level: 6th
Attacks per Melee: 3 in human form; 6 in plasma form (an adapted form of Hand to Hand: Assassin)

In human form Fusion is unremarkable. He is of average height and build, with short brown hair and brown eyes. In plasma form he is a bright blue-white glowing sphere, about two feet in diameter. When in plasma form his multiples appear to separate from the main sphere and absorb back into it, but he does use the absorption effect at a distance to his advantage, especially when being pursued.
Fusion uses his Multiple Selves power to create a plasma being, and sends it on his missions. He is often discretely in the immediate area (in human form) as a means of backup (create more selves) and quick getaway (absorption). He finds it distasteful to make multiples of his human body, but will do so if it serves his purposes. If faced with one or more powerful opponents he goes into battle in plasma form, creating and absorbing multiple plasma selves as needed.  At maximum he can create five duplicates, which appear at fifth level experience.

He has lost one multiple in battle to a hero with Alter Physical Structure: Ice. He caught up with the hero and triple teamed him, wearing him down and  killing him. During the next two years he was very publicly hunted by the icy hero's teammates and friends. Eventually he killed them all (12 heroes, including another with APS: Ice), although they nearly managed to kill one of his multiples on two occasions, and nearly defeated him once. Losing the first multiple appears to have been worth the trouble, because he has gained a reputation in SPB circles as being nearly unstoppable from the aftermath of the affair and charges handsomely for his services.


Super Power Category: Alien (Other Dimensional)

Super Abilities: Alter Physical Structure Stone; Control Elemental Forces Earth; Gem Powers

Alien Background: Humanoid Mineral appearance; Low Gravity Homeworld; No education (in our sense);
    Crash-landed (no place else to go); No Familiarity with Earth; No earth clothes; No weapons, vehicles, or money

Brief Description of Powers:
In his normal form Mountain has over 250 SDC, but in stone form this increases to 850. When required he uses his powers to increase his SDC to ten times that amount! Of course, this all becomes irrelevant when he uses his gem powers to grant himself Invincibility. Likewise, his PS ranges from 30 in his normal state to 50 in stone form and approaches 100 when his powers are full-blown (See the power stunt concerning characters with APS and CEF of matched elemental pairs for an explanation of how Mountain fully exploits his powers). He is adept at using his Gem Powers seamlessly, as there are always various samples in his "pockets," and can appear at first glance to have nearly limitless psychic and super powers.

The being calling itself Mountain exists in a different world than the rest of us. His homeworld is an elemental dimension consisting of large interconnected asteroids, where beings like himself live solitary lives. His race feels an irresistable desire to subtly shape their world of rock to fit some grand design. The intended results can't really be put into words; they just instinctively put things "where they belong." Many beings, even other elementals, consider them somewhat mad, and tend to leave them be. In any case, the motivations and perceptions of Mountain are different on fundamental levels from those of typical humans.

The combination of his powers lend Mountain much more strength than the individual powers would. His natural state is a large humanoid with rocky skin and nearly unbreakable bones. He is, however, a flesh and blood creature and not a true elemental. His race is longlived, at least several hundred years. Mountain has been on earth for almost one hundred years now, having spent most of his time underneath the Rocky Mountains of North America. Mountain isn't a hostile force so much as an anti-social one, never seeking outside contact. Most passersby will be left undisturbed unless they do something to anger him. Moving and removing materials that he has placed is the easiest way to anger him, but fortunately his interests are largely held by caverns and byways deep underground.

A group of SPBs responding to reports of an angry giant encountered Mountain, and in their haste to investigate provoked his anger. He slaughtered the small team in his rocky behemoth state, which provoked further investigation. A psychic member of the SPB team Watchers engaged in a rudimentary mental rapport with the angry alien, and learned enough to realize that the best course of action would be to leave him alone. Mountain has no idea how he came to be on Earth (likely summoned by a mystic), and even less of a notion of how to return. Further, he doesn't wish to return home, as the rocks on this world are even more disordered than those at home. He takes a strange pride in being the only member of his race present to serve his bizarre purposes.


Super Power Category: Mutant

Super Abilities: Multiple Selves; Body Weapons; Healing Factor; Extraordinary PP

Real Name: Sara (Tara) Tate
Occupation: Lawyer; Escort(s); Assassin(s)
Education: Juris Doctorate
Experience Level:
Hit Points: 50              SDC: 85
Age: 24                        Height: 5'8"
Gender: Female           Weight: 115 lbs
Business Program (+30%)
Basic Math; Business & Finance; Computer Operation; Law; Research
Language Program (+30%)
Latin; French; Italian; Japanese
Technical Program (+30%)
Law (x3); Writing
Physical Program (+30%)
Hand to Hand: Assassin; Gymnastics
Pilot Auto; Math: Advanced;
Pick Locks; Prowl (65%); Seduction; Streetwise;
Athletics; Bodybuilding;
Climbing (80%); Running; Swimming;
Adv Swimming; Paired Weapons
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Hand to Hand Combat: Assassin

Attacks per Melee: 7
Strike: +5
Damage: +8
Initiative: +4
Parry: +4
Roll: +6
Disarm: +5
Dodge (Auto): +7 (+6)
Pull: +6
Physical Description:
Sara Tate is an attractive athletic woman in her mid-twenties. She has curly brown hair, cut shoulder length.
As Sara, her legitimate persona, she is reasonably friendly. In all personas she tends to flirt, moreso as Tangle. She has a somewhat detached personality, and tends towards sarcasm. As Tangle she gets a rush out of living a life with no consequences, and will always act in her own best interests.
Sara and Tara were born as twins into an average family. The children were inseparable through childhood. They never thought it was odd that they considered themselves to be one person. At the age of 12 Sara absorbed Tara (an aspect of the Mutiple Selves power). Tara was actually a duplicate of Sara. Not understanding her power, the girl didn't know how to make her "sister" reappear, and she didn't tell anybody what had happened. It didn't bother her very much (her strength under such a difficult situation impressed many people), except that she was a bit lonely. The disappearance of the missing girl launched a very public search, never yielding results. The other aspects of her powers began to develop as Sara grew older. She was a high school athlete, lettering in gymnastics and swimming. Around the age of 16 she had realized how to make use of the Multiple Selves and Body Weapons; she again kept her abilities secret.

By the time Sara graduated from high school she had become fascinated with the idea of leading a dual life. She went to college, using her multiple bodies to live two lives while absorbing into each other, gaining both experiences. Sara, in her main persona, stayed in school, performing very well, eventually going through law school (much easier when you have twice the time to study). In her alternate life she became an exotic dancer, eventually becoming a high-priced escort. Along the way several oppurtunities to use her more violent powers presented themselves. After she reached second level experience (~age 20), and gained the ability to create a third sister, she joined a group of rather antisocial SPBs (as twins, not revealing all of her power), working as a thief and assassin. All the while she has preserved her legitimate life, leaving one of her duplicates in place and discretely absorbing into her on a regular basis.

The group has disbanded, having lost many key members. Tangle works as an escort/body guard, carefully avoiding crossed social circles with her legitimate self. She accepts assassination contracts on occasion, and tries to avoid the "spandex scene." On several occasions Sara has used her Multiple Self absorption power to save one of her selves from arrest and capture. So far none of her five sisters have died, thanks to her Healing Factor and quick thinking.
Powers in Action:
Tangle is a reasonably straightforward fighter. She forms oversized claws, and occasionally has spikes or blades on her knees, shins, forearms, and elbows. If overmatched in a one-on-one fight, she has no qualms bringing in her sisters. An opponent would have to face up to 42 paired weapons attacks (4D4 damage) per melee!