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HU2 Character Stats

Character stats assembled using Heroes Unlimited Second Edition™

Why are the characters here almost entirely Mutants and Experiments?

To be honest, the other types of characters tend to bore me. I like robotic characters, but there isn't very much room for variation to make my characters more interesting than those built by others. Likewise, the special-training character classes are very restrictive. It feels like those characters are just type-cast; they may make for interesting roleplaying and dependence on skills and cunning, but the characters themselves just don't interest me. With the superpowered character classes you can build up nearly any character imaginable; the classes are less rigid. Finally, I'm not convinced that there are a lot of these "non-powered" people around right now, and am not sure they would start popping out of the woodwork even if we had Super Mutant Menaces every other month.

I like Batman, but I guess I'll always be a Superman fan at heart....

I've developed an HTML character sheet template; use it if you like it. It's meant to facilitate my puting this page together....

The Citizen Project

A US Government project intended to systematically produce the loyal Super Soldiers of tomorrow.

Random Creations

My goal isn't to put together the most devastating combinations of powers, so much as to make characters that I think are entertaining.
Of course, devastating combinations of powers are often entertaining....

Social Characters:

Antisocial Characters:

Other People's Characters


I'm trying to make a team of SPBs that can take on world-class threats, but still follows most of the rules in HU2:
I'm thinking of something like Marvel's Avengers, even though they have some strange members and moments.

Current Watchers Sample of Founding Watchers

MarvelŪ Characters

I find it amusing to make stats for "existing" SPBs and see how they match with the comics. Even though I think it's a bit silly, I'm removing the character concepts that I think fall short of conversions. This is often a chief complaint against the system. In fact, I put these together to show how the HU system can be used to create popular powerful characters, proving that it's much more flexible than it usually gets credit for.... But anyways, the Palladium Book Online Policy asks us not to post any conversions, and these fit their definition of conversions, so I'm voluntarily avoiding a fight with them before they get on my case.