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Dear Jim,

I suppose I ought to have written this letter a while ago. Now, I can't put it off any longer. I have a secret that has been locked inside me for so long now, that I feel it would be dishonest of me to keep you in the dark. You are my truest friend and I want you to know what is happening to me.

Let me start from the beginning. You and I met in Montana years ago, when we were both fresh out of Junior High. I told you that I was from far away and you thought that I was from England because I had a weird accent. That is only partly the truth. Honestly, I don't know where I'm from. I remember being on a ship of some kind, in fact my earliest memories are all of sailing. I remember it was always night on this boat. My mother was there, but not as you recall her. I can't really explain that but it's the way it comes back to me. It was then on that ship that I was taught the things I know. It was like forever on that ship. One day I remember there was a fire, and all the grown-ups were excited, like something terrible was happening. My mom took me and we left the boat in a life raft. She was very sad, and I remember being very happy to be going somewhere new. For me it was an adventure. For her it was like leaving home. We came ashore in Alberta, and that was when my mother became the way you remember her. We lived in Canada for a while, but people started to dislike us there and then they hated us and we had to move south.

My mom always told me I was special, and as I grew up here, I figured that she was just being a mom. But it's true, I am different. She made me hide the things that made me different. The only thing I couldn't hide was my face. I don't look like the others, but you didn't care. I always wanted to thank you for that. This letter is my last chance to do that.

Have you read about the new super hero called Epitome, or seen him on the news? He's the one who saved that sinking yacht in Maine two weeks ago, and he saved all those Hawaiians from the volcano that erupted there a couple of days ago. He's me. I'm him.

I'm more different than I look. I can do things that no one else can do, like fly and stuff. Remember how we always read comic books in the treehouse and dreamt about being like the Watchers, or some comic book hero, or something. That dream has come true for me. I want to do good things to help people out, even though they treat me bad for being how I am. I think I might even try to join the Watchers if I can figure out how to call them.

The reason I'm writing this letter is to say goodbye. I like being Epitome. I can fight crime and evil, and be loved and accepted. As me, I'm ugly and small, as him I'm beautiful and strong. I can't be your friend anymore, in case someone finds out and you get hurt. I couldn't live with myself if someone ever hurt you because of me. Your the only true friend I've ever had, and probably ever have. It's the only thing I can do as your friend if I ever want to become a super hero. I hope you can forgive me.

Also, I write this as a warning. My mom wrote me a letter before she died, and she said that I have more power than even I knew about, but I should never use my full powers. She says that if I do, it could kill me, or make me lose my mind. I don't want that to ever happen. If you ever see me do something that looks like it couldn't ever be possible, then I might turn bad. If that happens I want you to tell the Watchers how to stop me. Remember that time when we went to the badlands in Alberta, and I had that bad allergic reaction and I had to go to the hospital. I found out it was because of the rocks we found that we thought were indian arrowheads. We got rid of most of them the next summer, but you must remember where we hid the last ones.

Thanks a lot for always being my friend.



In an incredible battle between the new hero dubbed "Epitome" by the media, and the super powered terrorist known as "Edge", Edge was defeated, and thousands were lost when Epitome unleashed a spectacular display of power. This reporter could only be described as awestruck by the scene. Epitome released a burst of his brilliant green energy on an unprecedented scale. His power which generally seems to manifest itself as an aura at most flared out to such a degree that the entire island was engulfed. The US Army helicopter in which I was witnessing the epic clash barely escaped the destruction. When the energy receded, the island simply was not there, and neither was Epitome. More to follow soon.....