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The Impact of SPBs on Society

When superheroes began to surface they had limited job oppurtunities. Most seem to have been either vigilantes or government agents; society eventually had to adjust to include (and take advantage of) these new members. As of today, some seventy years after the first SPBs appeared, several differences between the HU world and our good old 616 must be obvious....

Legislative Issues

  • Definition of SPB Rights
  • Concealed Weapon Legislation
  • Crackdown on Vigilantism
  • Self Defense Justification

Economic Oppurtunities for SPBs

  • Private Security
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Military Service
  • Police Consultant
  • Independent Law Enforcement
  • SPB Regulation
  • Service Contractor
  • Scientific Study

Technological Development

  • Biological Engineering
  • Robotics and Bionics
  • Theoretical Advancements

Educational Adaptations

  • SPB Trade Schools
  • "Fair Competition" Initiative

Criminal Oppurtunities for SPBs

  • Thief
  • Hired Muscle / Enforcer
  • Assassin
  • "Super Criminal"
  • World Class Power