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I don't think the Robotics section has had a good overhaul since the eighties, and have seen that it can be horribly inconsistent at times. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't pay $1000 for a microwave oven, or $2000 for 10 gallons of water and some freeze-dried food. Playing a robotic hero requires thought, preparation, and more attention to detail than does playing most other heroes; I've always been disappointed in the inconsistencies and illogical statements that section suffers from.

General Details:

New / Revised Robotic Systems
Considering advances in technology since the robotic section was written (in the early eighties), many system descriptions and prices seem inappropriate. Some systems may have been appropriate then as well, but just weren't included. Some of these things have bothered me since I started playing this game, and now I'm going to attempt a revision....

Robotic Attributes

Robotic Power Supply Revision
Because power supplies are so expensive, there needs to be some appropriate middle ground on powering that multi-million dollar machine you've built. It takes a lot less power to run a human sized robot than a 40 ton insect walker (with onbard pizza oven), and that difference should be reflected in the relative power supply costs.

My Robots

Exoskeleton (Robot Type 3) Construction Revision

Exoskeletons are the most popular robot characters in comics (Iron Man!!!), and in my opinion haven't been dealt with very well in HU2. Designing an exoskeleton isn't like designing a normal robot; here are my alternate rules for Type 3 Robot construction: