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Physics and RPGs

I feel motivated to increase the general understanding of physics issues as they relate to the Palladium system. A great number of the problems I have with the system stem from my understanding of the basic laws of physics; as long as we have gaming rules, we might as well conform them to reality. Unless, of course, we're playing 'Toon.... Hopefully this section will help readers improve their physical intuition; my goal is not to encourage slow play limited by dependence on formulae and calculations. I just want people to have a basic feel for what is possible without requiring RPG intervention, and what the consequences of specific changes to reality will be.

Flight School
I recently was given cause to think about super abilities, specifically wingless Flight powers, and acceleration. How quickly can characters stop and turn while flying? The physics needed to accurately describe a flying character's motion is reasonably straightforward, and the results of applying that physics show that several items in HU2, as well as several conventions commonly used by gamers, are incorrect.

Physical Growth
The consequences of increased size in humanoid shapes are hugely underestimated in HU2.

I try to quickly explain the physics required for an answer to the question, "Why does that pointy thing hurt when it hits me?" The common misconceptions and game inconsistencies involved in modern weapons has made me shudder for years.