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Pulsar Systems

Pulsar Systems is a high technology manufacturer, founded by an ambitious young scientist, Dr. Paul Simon. Their best selling products are a new line of energy weapons of original design, but they also manufacture fusion power supplies, explosive devices, and propulsion systems. Designs are based around pulse technology, originally theoretically developed, designed, engineered, and patented by Dr. Simon. Simon's accomplishment was developing technology that combines incredibly symmetric directed electromagnetic pulses with high precision focusing systems. The end result is a high intensity convergence of the pulses at their focal point.

Simon's original goal was the development of fusion power systems. His success allowed him to patent a large scale fusion power plant, which he sold to energy concerns at a great profit. This fusion plant was his first and most financially successful product. Years later he designed smaller power systems for specific uses, including those offered for HU2 Robotic systems. His aren't the only designs available for purchase, but they were among the earliest. The sales built the company into a world power and made him one of the richest men on the planet.

Simon and his researchers soon realized that their technology had wide reaching applications. The most obvious to the design team was to create a weapon of mass destruction. Uncomfortable with the implications of becoming a world power, this project never yielded more than a few semi-functional prototypes (which the company still owns and maintains). Their weapons didn't perform significantly better than conventional nuclear weapons already in existence, and Simon lost interest.

The company next took advantage of their developing focusing technology, and created large ranged energy weapons. The pulses focus on the intended target, and when correctly aimed cause devastating damage. The difficulty is aiming the weapon, which requires not only directional control but precise range control for maximum effect. The original designs were bulky, and have since been refined to fit the classification of Heavy Energy Weapons. The weapons have, since their inception, been scaled down to several smaller sizes, fitting the Energy Rifle and Energy Pistol classifications.

The latest line of weapons utilizes further development in focusing technology. The new weapons produce pulses that are focused inside the weapon, and refocused to a distant point near the end of the weapon barrel. The result is a weapon with less devastating damage (than their heavy weapons above), but without range control issues. These weapons are classified as standard Energy Rifles. A prototype does exist for a model fitting the classification of Energy Pistol, but is not yet available for public sale.

Fusion Power Supplies

Systems available for player character purchase are as follows: (See my notes on Robotic Power Consumption for an explanation of the units)

Fusion Plants
Extremely rare, extremely difficult to manufacture, and therefore extremely expensive. On the plus side, it's the ultimate in sheer power available. As explained in HU, this system is limited to large robots. Cost is $2.5 million, plus $0.5 million for every 50,000 power points. Fusion systems have a mass of 150 kg plus 50 kg per 50,000 power points.

All of the complications of the normal fusion system, plus miniaturization expenses to boot. Cost is $4.0 million, plus $1.0 million for every 10,000 power points. Mass is 50 kg plus 15 kg per 10,000 points. A reduced system that produces 3000 power points can be bought for $4.5 million. Reduced system mass is 50 kg.

Weapons Systems

Ranged Pulse Weapons

The original weapon design, modified for efficiency. Use of this weapon is difficult, as it requires aim for distance as well as direction. The use of these weapons requires an appropriate WP. In order to use the weapon in combat, one first rolls to strike as usual for directional aim. If this roll results in a successful strike, one rolls to strike in distance (and damage). The attacker rolls a twenty sided die. He then subtracts the natural dodge roll of the defender; if the defender/target did not previously attempt to dodge they have a roll equal to five. If the the attacker's roll is greater than the defender's, one subtracts the defender's from the attacker's to obtain the damage coefficient. If the attacker's roll is less than the defender's the damage coefficient is equal to one divided by the difference.

It should be noted that if the attacker misses with the directional roll to strike no damage is done to the target. Also, a roll of a natural 20 does not cause double damage, as it usually would.

Damage done by the weapon is that weapon's base damage multiplied by the damage coefficient. Base damage is as follows:

P-1.3 Heavy Pulsed Energy Rifle: 2D6 base damage
P-2.1 Pulsed Energy Rifle: 1D6 base damage
P-2.6 Pulsed Energy Pistol: 1D4 base damage

Example: An attacker fires a P-1.3 at his opponent. He rolls to strike, and with bonuses gets a 17. The opponent rolls a natural 6 to dodge, and with bonus has a total of 12. Therefore, the attacker has struck his opponent.
To determine damage, we roll to strike for the attacker's range. The attacker rolls a 14. This value subtracted from the opponent's natural dodge roll gives 8, the damage coefficient. The damage done to the opponent is 2D6x8 SDC.
The attacker takes a second shot at his opponent. This time his opponent rolls a natural 16, but the attacker still manages to hit him with his roll of 18. The attacker rolls for range, getting a 10. The difference is 6, in the opponent's favor. Therefore, the damage done to the opponent is 2D6 / 6 SDC.

Character's who don't have the appropriate WP for use of this weapon suffer a -8 penalty on their roll for range. Characters who have never encountered this weapon, but have an appropriate WP suffer this penalty for 1D4 melees, but will soon figure out the weapon's workings and suffer a penalty of only -2. Characters properly trained (several minutes with qualified instructor) have no penalty, and will see a range bonus of +1 at experience levels 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.