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Minor Abilities: New

Note that most of my powers pre-date Powers Unlimited™, a book I generally like quite a bit, but I kept my stuff here 'cuz it ain't hurting anyone and has some significant differences from the official material.

Energy Expulsion: Explosive Force

Bolts of force are emitted from the character, impacting the target and causing damage as though an object were thrown. During character generation the character must choose between two variations of this power: the force can either be used as a narrow beam with long range or as a spherical wave with short range. The spherical wave strikes all objects within the blast radius. A character choosing this power twice can use both variations. It is possible (but difficult) to use the narrow beams as propulsion; if the character doesn't root himself to the ground he will be thrown backwards, taking half of the damage caused by the blast. Either blast could be used to slow down a character while falling; treat as a Roll with Fall.

Range:  Narrow: 300 ft (91.5 m) maximum; Spherical: 5 ft (1.5 m) maximum
Damage: 2D6 + 1D6 for each level of experience
Special: Same as Energy Expulsion: Energy
Duration: Instant
Attacks per Melee: Each energy blast counts as one melee attack or action
Bonuses: +3 to strike if an aimed shot, +1 to strike if shooting wild; +1 to Roll with Fall, Punch, or Impact

Heightened Metabolic Rate

The character has an incredibly heightened metabolism. The character is extremely "hyper," in constant motion. The character has to eat three times the normal amount of food each day to maintain his energy level, but never gains a bit of body fat.


Limitations and Notes:

Note: I adapted this power from that given in Revised TMNT pg 46; it's a power available for mutant weasels. I like it a lot, and it seems to be both appropriate to the game setting and commonly used by comic characters.

Leaping Ability

The character has very strong muscles and connective tissues in their legs, facilitating super-powerful leaps.



It's kind of silly, but I like this power. Good old Mortimer Toynbee inspired me to write this one out....

Natural Armor Rating

The character has extra-tough skin and muscles. This lends the character a limited natural armor rating of 12. Attackers must roll a 13 or higher to strike and inflict full damage. Damage done to the character by opponent's Strength Category is:
Strength Category Roll under AR Roll over AR
Normal No damage 1/4 damage
Extraordinary 1/4 damage 1/2 damage
Superhuman 1/2 damage Full damage
Supernatural Full damage Full damage



The character has a tail! Tails vary greatly in size and function between different characters; players choose any four of the following attributes. Selecting this power a second time means four more tail attributes (or a second tail, if the player wants). Tails are not prehensile unless that option is chosen below. Whip attack uses base melee combat damage, +1 strike at levels 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

Base Attributes: 1D4 feet long, 30 SDC (for tail)