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Super Powers: Major Abilities

Alter Physical Structure: Metal (Modified)

Rather than the generic "metal" presented in standard version of the power, players can customize the properties of their metallic form. To preserve flexibility I decided to make an open-ended system for creating customized Metal characters. Basically, the player gains "points" for accepting disadvantages and spends those points for advantages. Similar to vestigial disadvantages in the AtB system....

Starting with the standard power (Nat AR 17, 800 SDC), one chooses the Advantages they want from the table below, and then chooses some Disadvantages to balance the power. Any points left over will have to be paid by lowering the characters AR or SDC. Points are supposed to reflect a percentage of the character's SDC- Trading in 10% of your SDC gains you 10 points to spend on advantages. Any points left over or needed at the end can be used to increase or decrease the character's Metal SDC.

Increasing and Decreasing Natural AR
Trading SDC for Natural AR should work out to be even, statistically. Raising your AR from 17 to 18 means you'll take damage 33% less often, so it requires the equivalent of 33% of your SDC.

AR Trades
19: -100 pts
18: -33 pts

16: +25 pts
15: +50 pts
14: +75 pts
13: +100 pts
12: +125 pts
11: +150 pts
10: +175 pts
9: +200 pts

20 pts: Non-Magnetic: Magnetic fields have little effect on character
20 pts: Reflective: Light/Laser attacks do no damage
30 pts: Highly Conductive: Electrical attacks do no damage
30 pts: High Heat Capacity: Heat/Fire attacks do no damage
30 pts: Weapon against Supernatural (harms beings normally immune, 2x damage to normal SN creatures)
30 pts: Low Density: Half weight, normal speed attribute; +2 Strike, Parry, Dodge; -5 Damage
35 pts: Natural Weapon: Physical Attacks are more Damaging; +10 damage
40 pts: Electromagnetic Booster: Electromagnetic attacks do double damage at double range:
    Costs two attacks per melee to maintain
40 pts: High Density: Double weight, half speed; +10 PS; -5 Dodge, Initiative, Auto-Parry is impossible
40 pts: Rigid: Extraordinary and Superhuman physical attacks do no damage; Supernatural physical
    attacks do 1/2 damage above Natural AR

5 pts: Rusts/Tarnishes: -1 PB for every 10 minutes spent in metal form, to maximum of -5
10 pts: Highly Magnetic: Magnetic attacks/forces have double damage/effect
10 pts: Non-Reflective: Light/Laser attacks below AR do normal damage, 2x above
15 pts: Resonant: Sonic/Vibration attacks below AR do normal damage, 2x damage above
15 pts: Lowly Conductive: Electric attacks below AR do normal damage, 2x damage above
15 pts: Low Heat Capacity: Heat/Fire does normal damage below AR, 2x damage above
20 pts: Malleable: Normal physical attacks that beat AR do 1/2 damage; Extraordinary and Superhuman
    attacks do 1/2 below AR, full damage above; Supernatural do full damage below AR, 2x above
30 pts: Can only Maintain Metal Form for PEx2 melees; requires 1D4 hours in human form to reattempt
30 pts: Radioactive: Emits background radiation similar to Control Radiation power
35 pts: Can only Maintain Human Form for PEx2 melees; requires 1D4 hours in metal form to reattempt
35 pts: Reactive to Water: Character heats up or bursts into flame upon contact with water (like Sodium);
    Takes between 1D6 and 1D6x10 damage per melee (GM call based on situation)
35 pts: Thermal Expansion: Character painfully expands and contracts with variations in body
    temperature; Takes between 1D6 and 1D6x10 per melee


There's no need to pattern yourself after an existing metal, but a few examples might make the system clear. I'm sure some of the metallic properties are wrong, because I just went with what sounded good. Individual characters (rather than general metal types) can make better use of the more individualized Didadvantages....

Alter Physical Structure: Copper
Nat AR 16 (+25 pts); SDC: 1000 (25 pts)
Advantages (-60 pts): Highly Conductive; High Heat Capacity
Disadvantages (+60 pts): Tarnishes; Malleable, Thermal Expansion

Alter Physical Structure: Lead
Nat AR 14 (+75 pts); SDC: 1200 (-50 pts)
Advantages (-60 pts): Non-Magnetic; High Density
Disadvantages (+35 pts): Low Heat Capacity; Malleable

Alter Physical Structure: Iron
Nat AR 17 (0 pts); SDC: 800 (0 pts)
Advantages (-30 pts): High Heat Capacity
Disadvantages (+30 pts): Tarnishes; Highly Magnetic; Resonant

Alter Physical Structure: Silver
Nat AR 15 (+50 pts); SDC: 680 (+15 pts)
Advantages (-100 pts): Non-Magnetic; Reflective; Highly Conductive; Weapon against Supernatural
Disadvantages (+35 pts): Low Heat Capacity; Malleable

Alter Physical Structure: Titanium
Nat AR 17 (0 pts); SDC: 680 (+15 pts)
Advantages (-90 pts): Non-Magnetic; Low Density; Rigid
Disadvantages (+75 pts): Non-Reflective; Resonant; Lowly Conductive; Thermal Expansion

Alter Physical Structure: Superconductor
Nat AR 14 (+75 pts); SDC: 800 (0 pts)
Advantages (-100 pts): Highly Conductive; Low Density; EM Booster
Disadvantages (+25 pts): Highly Magnetic; Low Heat Capacity

Alter Physical Structure: Uniform Solid

This bizarre power transforms the character into a being with uniform composition. He has no internal organs or bones: no cell differentiation of any kind! His body is one smoothly composed solid! In this transformed state the character does retain a mostly humanoid shape but has no facial features, fingerprints, or external orifaces.

1. Increased SDC and Regeneration: The character's body is resilient, lending increased SDC and a natural AR. Further, the character can quickly regenerate and redistribute his cells. If, for example, the transformed character lost an arm he could redistribute his mass to reform the arm. As long as the character has SDC greater than the Hit Points of his unaltered state he can transform back with his body intact. Redistribution of this kind requires only one melee action. Because every cell of the character's body is capable of producing new cells, the character's SDC recovers very quickly. Severed limbs, if reattached within an hour, can be reintegrated by repairing the severing damage.

SDC of Altered State: 350 (Has no Hit Points in this form)
Natural AR: 12
Regeneration: 2D6 SDC per minute; Can regenerate 1D6x10 once every twelve hours (requires one full melee of concentration)

Natural rolls to strike must be greater than the character's AR to inflict maximum damage. Damage by strength category of attacker (normal bullets are considered Extraordinary, armor piercing are Superhuman) is by the table below:

Strength Category Roll under AR Roll over AR
Normal No damage 1/4 damage
Extraordinary 1/4 damage 1/2 damage
Superhuman 1/3 damage 2/3 damage
Supernatural 1/2 damage Full damage

2. Enhanced Physical Strength: The character's limbs are essentially solid muscle. PS attribute is enhanced: +20+1D6; Strength is considered superhuman.

3. Contortionist: The character goes beyond "double jointedness," as he has no bones to form joints. Besides making the character a natural escape artist, it dramatically increases the character's flexibility. One spectacular trick is that the character can reverse his limbs and "face," effectively turning 180 degrees without moving his actual body.

Escape Artist skill: 90%
Bonus of +20% to Gymnastics, Acrobatics, and other skills requiring flexibility and dexterity

4. Enhanced Senses: The character can see, hear, and smell perfectly (even if those senses are impaired in his unaltered state); light, sound, and scent are absorbed and processed by the character's cells from every part of his body surface. The character does have to concentrate on which cells he pays closest attention to, but he still has a nearly 360 degree range of vision. The character is very difficult to sneak up on if any part of his body, especially his head, is in straight line sight. As for speech, the character can create a mouthlike cavity, and form vibrations approximating human speech. This is similar to the Mutant Animal Ability of Partial Human Speech.

5. Additional Ability: During character creation the player must choose one of the following options as an additional ability:

A. Hard Shell: The character can form an external hard shell. The shell increases Natural AR and SDC, but can only be maintained for a total of 10 minutes (+1 minute per level of experience) in any 24 hour period. The shell provides an additional 250 SDC. If used as a suit of armor the shell offers no movement penalties and increases Natural AR to 15 for the duration. The hard shell adds a damage bonus of +10 to all physical attacks. If used as a solid casing the character cannot move at all, but his Natural AR is increased to 18.
B. Liquid Form: The character can temporarily abandon solid form, taking on a non-humanoid liquid shape. This form can only be maintained for a total of 10 minutes (+1 minute per level of experience) in any 24 hour period. In liquid form the character can fit through openings 1 inch in diameter, and has limited invulnerability to kinetic damage (impacts, blunt and bladed weapons do no damage). Explosive forces, however, do double damage, as does heat and fire.

Side Effects:

Other Bonuses:

Cold Control

APS: Ice should offer much less control over elemental heat, but those external effects are definitely worthy of another revised power. This is an ability to absorb large amounts of heat; all of this external heat is absorbed and put wherever mutant energies go. This implies powers not covered in HU, but encompasses most of the sub-abilities granted by the HU2 APS: Ice. In addition the character seems to have a limited form of hydrokinesis. Most of the ice powers granted in HU should require an external source of water to freeze; atmospheric moisture is not enough.

    I. Absorb Heat (Not included in HU) This power allows the character to absorb heat into his body where it is somehow stored. By choosing the focus of his heat absorption, the power has several implications:

    II. Abilities ca APS: Ice (HU2 pgs 244-246): When a source of water (or other freezable liquid) is available these powers are unchanged. The water must be in close proximity to the character, within six inches of his body, but can otherwise be controlled using a limited form of Hydrokinesis. If the character has no external water source but does have the power APS: Water or APS: Ice he can use the water/ice of his own body for "fuel." This will accordingly lower the character's mass and SDC by appropriate percentages. Ex: If 25% of a character's mass is used to create a large chunk of ice, his SDC is reduced by 25%.

1. Create Snow and/or Ice: Available at 1st Level
2. Create and Hurl Snowballs:
Available at 1st Level
3. Create and Hurl Ice Balls:
Available at 2nd Level; One ball per attack, another at 3th and 4th levels
At 5th level the character can create a "short burst" of 1D6 ice balls, a "long burst" at 6th, and a "full clip" at 8th.
4. Create and Hurl Ice Shards:
Available at 3rd Level; One shard per attack, another at 5th and 6th levels
At 7th level the character can create a "short burst" of 2D6 ice shards, a "long burst" at 8th, and a "full clip" at 10th.
5. Ice Wall or Shield:
Available at 5th Level
6. Encase in Ice:
Available at 4th Level
7. Generate Ice:
Available at 1st Level

Duration: Instant / Permanent
Range: Touch; Must be in physical contact with the water being used

    III. Ice Constructs: A further twist of this power is the formation of ice armor and melee weapons, tools, and other items. For armor, solid ice is added to the character's body, which is not "flexible" but more like armor plating. Ice melee weapons are produced like the armor. Choices are limited to simple bladed weapons and blunt objects. Weapons have Natural AR of 10, and 1D6x10 + 10 SDC, depending on the size. Character must have the appropriate WP to make good use of this ability. Reproducing the shape of an existing item as an "ice sculpture" is possible; the base skill is 25% + 10% per level of experience.

Duration: Instant / Permanent
Range: Touch
30 SDC per level of experience, AR 12 +1 per level of experience to a maximum of 18
Melee Weapons: Damage equal to about 75% of a comparable steel weapon
Objects: Simple objects can be created in one melee action; More time is required as complexity increases

Other Abilities and Bonuses:

Control Electricity

Motivation: I wanted to separate most of the electricity-based attacks from the Alter Physical Structure: Electricity power, so I created this power in its place. In addition, I slightly altered the attacks to achieve more flexibility.

The character can manipulate charge and current to create spectacular effects.

    1. Control Static Electricity: Identical to Major Ability (HU2, pg 270)

    2. Electrical Ray: A line of electricity emitted from the fingers or eyes.

Range: 100 ft + 20 feet per level of experience
Damage: 1D6x10 + 2 per level of experience
Duration: Instant
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as one melee attack
Bonus: +2 strike

    3. Mini-Lightning Bolt: A small bolt of electricity jumps out of air near the target, making the attack difficult to dodge. The bolt is accurately aimed by building up charge on the target, which attracts the oppositely charged attack.

Range: 150 ft + 30 feet per level of experience
Damage: 1D6 +1 per level of experience
Duration: Instant
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as one melee attack
Bonus: +8 strike

    4. Lightning Bolt: A large bolt of electricity jumps out of air near the target, making the attack difficult to dodge. The bolt is accurately aimed by building up charge on the target, which attracts the oppositely charged attack.

Range: 300 ft + 30 feet per level of experience
Damage: 4D6 + 2 per level of experience
Duration: Instant
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as two melee attacks
Bonus: +8 strike

    5. Generate Electricity: Identical to Ability 5 of Alter Physical Structure: Electricity (HU2, pg 241)

    6. Manipulate Electronic Devices: Identical to Ability 3 of the Super Psionic power Electrokinesis (HU2, pg 310)

    7. Other Abilities:
   The character is impervious to electrical damage.
    The character can sense electricity; the range depends on the strength of the source. By mentally following the currents in common household wiring he can map out the electrical system the device is attached to.
    Power stations and transformers fascinate the character, and he will be drawn to investigate them (a controllable urge).
    The character's natural intuition re: electricity lends a 15% bonus to all electrical skills.   

Gravitational Manipulation II

The Major Super Ability Gravity Manipulation is reasonable, but is completely focused on manipulating the earth's gravitational field. Focusing the power on the manipulation of one's own gravitational field has interesting results.
The character manipulates his own gravitational field, effectively creating a limited form of telekinesis. Simply stated, objects can be pulled towards the character (or the character can be pulled towards objects) by increasing the gravitational attraction due to his mass. Keep in mind that gravitational waves propagate at the speed of light when specific uses are put in place.

1. Pull Objects: The character can pull objects towards him with an effective PS of 40, +5 per additional level of experience. Note that this does not allow the character to push objects away from him. Additionally, when objects are pulled they often have considerable velocity, especially if they're not held back by large frictional forces. This means small objects will typically move faster than large objects when pulled in this manner. Characters can regulate the effective PS of their pull by 5 attribute points per level of experience. Ex: A fourth level character can opt not to use the +15 effective PS bonus, and can lower the standard PS of 40 to as little as a PS of 20. The character can stop using his power before the object reaches him, hoping that friction with the ground will slow it down. If the character attempts to pull large objects (comparable to his own mass), he will feel the gravitational attraction as well, and must "anchor" himself to an object in the opposite direction. This anchoring is a natural reflex, and costs no additional attacks.

Range: 600 ft, + 20 feet per level of experience
Damage: If the character steps out of the way the object will cause the effective PS times 2 SDC damage to whatever was behind the character. If the character doesn't step out of the way the object will strike him. The object has likely been pulled with an effective PS greater than the character's actual PS, and will cause 2 SDC for every point of difference between the two (reduced because the character can try to "catch" the object). For small objects (< 5lbs) the object does only 1 SDC per PS point.
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as one hand to hand attack. Remember that it may take more than one attack to pull a distant object to the character. Use of judgement by the GM is required....
Limitations: Gravitational waves easily travel trough matter. This means that anything behind the object pulled by the character will also experience gravitational attraction. Luckily, the character's gravitational waves do disperse in intensity as they travel. The attraction becomes small, but still noticible, at the full range of the character's gravitational pull.

2. Hurl Objects: This power is a consequence of the Pull power, above. It relies on rotational motion, functioning like a "hammer throw." If a character pulls an object towards him, he gives it velocity. The character can then step out of the object's path, and pull it towards him so that it traces a somewhat circular path (with the character at the center). The character can then release the object, and it will travel in a straight path towards the target. The limitation is that objects must have a mass no greater than one third the mass of the character, or he will be pulled off of his feet towards the object(s) being hurled. This will cause the character to lose control of the object, sending it off behind him.

Range: Objects must initially be no closer than 10 feet away and no further than 600 feet plus 20 feet per level of experience. The range of the thrown object is 100 feet. After landing, the object will likely skid for a short distance, doing half damage to anything it strikes.
Damage: 2D4x10, +4 per level of experience.
Attacks per Melee: Pulling an object towards the character costs one attack, and hurling it costs another attack. This can be attempted with objects already thrown at the character, requiring only one attack (but does requires two rolls, one to dodge the incoming object and another to strike the target).
Bonuses: +1 strike for aimed shot, -1 for wild shot. The character develops a bonus of +1 to strike with this attack at even levels of experience.

3. Gravitational Pulse: A directed pulse of energy is fired by the character, like a "reverse bullet." The impact has a high knockdown value, but in the forward direction. Characters who brace themselves for the impact in the wrong direction will be pulled forward off of their feet. Because of this unusual effect targets have a difficult time adjusting to the blast, and suffer a penalty of -6 to roll with the impact. Further, because the waves easily travel through matter, armored characters take half damage to their own SDC, in addition to the full damage done to the armor.

Range: Effective range is about 100 ft, where the pulse will lose focus and disperse, causing little damage.
Damage: 2D6 + 1D6 per level of experience
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as one hand to hand attack.
Bonuses: + 3 strike for aimed shot, +1 strike for wild shot. The character gains +1 strike for every three levels of experience.
Targets are -6 to roll with impact of pulse.

4. Float: The character can make his body, and any object within a 2 foot radius, impervious to the effects of external gravitational fields, allowing him to float. Note that the character is always subject to the effects of his own gravitational field, so this power does not cancel the weight limitation on Hurl Objects, above.

Range: Self, plus any objects carried by the character within 2 feet
Attacks per Melee: Uses one attack per melee
Duration: One minute per character's PE attribute, plus one minute per level of experience

5. Gravitational Grapple: The character can focus his attractive power on a distant heavy object, pulling himself towards it. Combined with his Float power, above, the character gains a limited Flight capability. The character must always be moving towards the object he is focused on. A severe limitation on the character's flight is that he needs an object behind him to slow down. This might not pose a problem in locations with many buildings, etc, but must be taken into consideration. The character can also grapple onto objects above ground level to gain altitude. (Coming back down is easy, because the ground is always there.)

Range: Objects must be within 600 ft, + 20 feet per level of experience
Maximum Speed: The character can travel up to about 150 miles per hour, but this isn't a very good idea, since at that speed objects (which ar difficult to dodge with this power) come up pretty quickly.
Duration: One minute per character's PE attribute, plus one minute per level of experience
Limitations: As stated in the limitations for Pull, gravitational waves travel through matter. This means the character will move all sorts of unanchored objects in the vicinity of his flight. For example, if he grapples onto a building with his gravitational attraction he will pull unanchored objects inside the building towards the wall. This will not only cause chaos inside the building, but reduce the effectiveness of the building as something to grapple onto (it's like having your car's wheels slip in mud). The result- The character won't be able to accelerate as quickly using this building!

6. Crush/Grip: The character, if successful in grabbing hold of another person, can use his gravitational power to crush his opponent. This is similar to the Crush/Squeeze attack used in Wrestling. The character can also increase his physical grip, by forming a gravitational field in his hands and arms. This effectively increases his gripping PS by 8 points, plus 1 per level of experience. PS damage bonus applies to damage done with these attacks.

Range: Touch / Self
Damage: Crush: 1D6x10; Grip: 2D6
Attacks per Melee: Each use counts as one hand to hand attack.

7. Other bonuses: The character has a tolerance for high accelerations, having lived with a high gravitational field emanating from his body. He is also resistant to kinetic impact. The first 10 points of damage due to blunt force impact have no effect. Damage over 10 SDC for a given attack has full effect.

+2 PE; +25 SDC; +15% to skills like acrobatics, climbing: The character "cheats" by grappling onto objects.

Growth II

The problems I have with Palladium's physical growth are detailed in a note on another section of this site, which serves as the basis for this power. The original power, as written, is fine if you realize that the character has greatly reduced the density of his body. There should be consequences to this effect; for example, the character will easily float in water, and will have a difficult time lifting objects comparable to his new size. On the plus side, he doen't leave foot deep craters everywhere he walks (as a Godzilla-sized human should). The power I present here is an alternative to the original, assuming that the character maintains his density and grows proportionally. What this new power sacrifices in raw size is made up in increased potential with experience.

1. Mass / SDC Increase: The character can increase his body mass by a multiple of his experience level. For example, a third level character can increase his mass by 3x, for a total mass of 4x normal. An added bonus to increasing one's mass is that Hit Points and SDC are increased proportionally.

Range: Self
Maximum Mass Increase: One multiple of the character's normal mass per level of experience
Maximum Hit Point / SDC Increase: One multiple of the character's normal Hit Points and SDC per level of experience
Attacks per Melee: Altering one's mass requires one attack.
Duration: The character's PE attribute in minutes, plus 2 minutes per level of experience; The character must rest for twice that amount of time before using the power again.

2. Strength Increase: Increasing the character's muscle and bone mass greatly increases his strength. This power grants the character Extraordinary Strength ,in that he can carry 100x his PS in pounds, and lift 200x his PS in pounds. To be physically accurate, the character's strength increases proportional to his mass increase to the 2/3 power. A table of PS multipliers, which increase with experience level, is provided below. Characters with the powers Superhuman or Supernatural Strength should not include the bonus of +20 (+30) in their PS attribute before multiplying, but add it after multiplication as a separate bonus independent of size.

Range: Self
Maximum PS Increase: See table below
Damage: The character's physical combat damage is calculated as normal, as though he has Extraordinary PS levels.

3. Size Increase: Increasing the character's mass (while maintaining the character's density and proportions) means the character's size will increase proportional to the mass increase to the 1/3 power. The increased size may offer benefits in terms of leverage, access to objects normally out of reach, etc, but is otherwise no more than a side effect of the base power. The character will have difficulty interacting with "normal" human sized objects, and will suffer a dodge penalty proportional to the size increase. A table of size (height and width remain proportional) multipliers, which increase with experience level, is provided below:

Exp Level SDC X PS X Size X Dodge Pen
1 2 1.6 1.26 -2
2 3 2.1 1.44 -2
3 4 2.5 1.59 -3
4 5 2.9 1.71 -3
5 6 3.3 1.82 -3
6 7 3.7 1.91 -3
7 8 4.0 2.00 -3
8 9 4.3 2.08 -3
9 10 4.6 2.15 -3
10 11 4.9 2.22 -3
11 12 5.2 2.29 -3
12 13 5.5 2.35 -3
13 14 5.8 2.41 -3
14 15 6.1 2.47 -3
15 16 6.3 2.52 -4

For example: A 1.8 meter tall, fourth level character with 50 SDC/Hit Points and a PS of 20 will be: (1.8 * 1.71 = ) 3.1 meters tall, have (50 * 5 = ) 250 SDC/Hit Points, and have a PS of (20 * 2.9 = ) 58.

4. Effective Healing Factor: If a character takes damage while in an increased size, they will be able to shrink to a smaller size and reduce the total damage needed to heal. For example, if a fourth level character with 100 SDC grows to maximum size, increasing his SDC to 500, and takes 100 points of damage he has lost 20% of his SDC. When he reduces back to his normal size, he will have 80 SDC, equal to his normal 100 SDC minus 20%. This means he only neads to heal 20 SDC to get back to full health, instead of 100. The character must remove any foreign bodies (like lodged bullets) before reducing back to normal, or he will suffer intense pain, shock, and damage.

Other Notes:

Incredible Luck

The character is incredibly lucky, unwittingly dodging unseen attacks and performing critical skills. Just as a sniper fires this character bends over to tie his shoes; as the group looks for an escape route this character absent-mindedly leans on the bookcase and opens a secret passageway. Inherent in choosing this power is the character letting things happen around him, not forcing events to go his way. This requires the real-life player to control the power, while role-playing as though the power is unconscious. An experienced GM is also required to play this power, to appropriately enforce the significant limitation. This power could be especially fun for a character with no combat skills, although combat training does not inherently negate the abilities below.

1. Auto-Parry and Auto-Dodge: Even if the character has no combat training, he can perform parries and dodges without using a melee attack. These moves are unintentional from the point of view of the character; in fact, the player can roll for an automatic parry or dodge (without bonuses) even if the character is unaware of the incoming attack. When the character is consciously defending himself he can apply his normal parry and dodge bonuses to the automatic moves.

2. Paired Weapons (Unintentional): Anyone who attacks the character runs the risk of "accidentally" tripping, slipping, or running into the character's elbow, knee, foot, etc.... The character gets an automatic counterattack; attacker and character roll d20, where the lucky defender gets a bonus of +1 per level of experience. The attacker can either spend an additional attack and attempt to parry or dodge with normal bonuses or make a straight roll. If he fails, the unintentional counterattack inflicts 1D4 damage and the loss of one melee attack.

3. Lucky Punch: The character gets a bonus of +4 to all combat rolls. The player can also opt to concentrate his luck for the melee into one roll, with a bonus of +3 with +1 per level of experience. For example, a sixth level character can make all combat rolls for the melee round at +4, or can make one combat roll at +9 and sacrifice the luck bonus for the rest of the melee. The player must decide that he will concentrate his luck at the beginning of the melee, but doesn't have to decide on which roll to use it until it occurs. Note that these bonuses, like all other aspects of this power, should be role-played as though they are unintentional.

4. Pressure Performance: The character gets a bonus of +20% to all critical skill performance rolls. The player can opt to concentrate his luck for the melee into one roll at +15% with +5% per level of experience. For example, a thrid level character can perform all critical skill rolls for the melee round at +20%, or can make one roll at +30%. The player must decide that he will concentrate his luck at the beginning of the melee, but doesn't have to decide on which roll until it occurs. A successful roll, especially if it would have been unsuccessful without the lucky bonus, should reflect a skill performance that is unconventional and just barely effective.

5. Base Skill Performance: The character gets a base performance of 35% +5% per level of experience for any skill not held by the character, but could conceivably be performed either unintentionally or without any training. Appropriate skills might be Detect Ambushes, Detect Trap Doors, Track, even Gymnastics or Prowl if the situation calls for it.

6. Critical Damage: Whenever the character's roll to strike is five points or greater than an opponent's defensive roll he will inflict critical damage, having lucked upon a hidden area or vulnerable location. The GM can opt to have the strike inflict damage to an area normally requiring a called shot, if appropriate.

Other bonuses: +1D6 to MA attribute; the character frequently says exactly what needs to be said, is in exactly the right place at the right time, etc...

Limitation: This power depends on the character allowing things to happen around him, not forcing things to go his way. When trying to use his power for gratuitous personal gain he can have notoriously bad luck. The character should never pick a fight, gamble, or take unnecesary risks, relying on his luck for a cheap victory. If he's goaded or forced into a situation he can often get out thanks to his bonuses.... He can play games for fun and sometimes expect incredible die rolls, but if he starts to lord his luck over his friendly opponents he can expect his luck to spectacularly dry up. If the GM rules that the character is not being role-played correctly he can temporarily negate or even reverse the luck bonuses.


The character has super tough body tissues and bones. Thick layers of muscle and/or fat cover the character's body. Skin is very resistant to damage, despite appearing relatively normal. The character grows larger and stronger as he gains levels of experience.
Natural Armor Rating:
The character has a Natural AR of 12 at first level, plus one at even levels of experience. In most cases an attacker must roll the AR or higher to strike and inflict damage. Damage inflicted by Strength Category as follows:
Strength Category Roll under AR Roll over AR
Normal No damage 1/4 damage
Extraordinary 1/4 damage 1/2 damage
Superhuman 1/3 damage 2/3 damage
Supernatural 1/2 damage Full damage


HU doesn't leave much middle ground between Invulnerablility and Extraordinary PE, assuming you don't want one of the Alter Physical Structure powers. I think there should be an oppurtunity to build a super tough character, without being completely invulnerable to damage.

Super Healing Factor

The character heals at a phenomenal rate. Injuries disappear before your eyes! The character can regenerate lost limbs as well. The time required (assuming the limb is physically lost; otherwise it can be held in place and the damage repaired):