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What's Next?

These powers need to be chopped up, allowing customization. As characters gain experience they can be given more BIO-E, allowing them to purchase and improve their subpowers. For example, Energy Expulsion powers gain an extra 1D6 damage every level. Players could instead be given 5 or 6 BIO-E to purchase that extra damage, or instead use it to purchase increased range or some other sub-ability. This BIO-E could also be used to improve character attributes, reflecting any informal training and experience not worthy of a full skill selection.

Taking Away

Using the same formulae that determined the BIO-E cost for a power, we can obtain relative changes for those costs if we drop specific sub-abilities. If we take the Minor Power Superhuman Strength and remove the attribute bonuses, leaving only the increased Strength Class, the power will cost only 20 BIO-E. On the other hand, if we remove the increase in Strength Class and leave only the attribute increases the power costs only 34 BIO-E. If the player wants to downgrade the Strength Class to Extraordinary the power costs only 44 BIO-E.

As a more complicated example, the flight speed given by APS: Plasma (averaged between first and sixth levels) gives a flight attribute of 190.7 for a BIO-E cost of 41.4 points. If we reduce that flight speed to the character's normal speed attribute, assumed to be 10, the flight sub-ability should only cost 9.5 BIO-E. This is a difference of about 32 BIO-E, which means the new version of APS: Plasma should cost 132 BIO-E instead of 164 BIO-E. Making another sacrifice with the power could lower its cost even further; lowering the base damage of the Plasma Bolt from 1D6x10 to 1D4x10 will save the player 20 BIO-E.