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Dan's Heroes Unlimited™ Page


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This page was last updated: 10/19/03

Newest items:

Currently in Progress:

  • Psi-Combat Powers
  • Alternate Spaceship Creation Rules
  • Sketches of Characters

Armor Penetration

A system revision intended to realistically apply damage to inadequately armored objects, as well as "megaversalize" SD and MD weapons. Several examples are worked out to display the simplicity and versatility of this approach.

Character Stats

Flight School

HU2 doesn't always give the best intuitive feel for the capabilities of characters with Flight powers. Through the use of math and physics I can determine game stats like weight limits, acceleration times, and turning radii as they depend on a character's maximum velocity.

Hand to Hand Combat

Random Notes

Physics Issues

System Revisions


Super Powers

BIO-E Costs For Super Powers

Corrections to Existing Abilities

New Major Abilities

New Minor Abilities



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