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Before making this site I looked around for other sites filling this niche. As could easily be guessed, there are hundreds of sites out there, and with a few exceptions they seem to be inactive. Even worse, a lot of them suck.

I did keep track of some of the sites I liked, and occassionally tool around looking for more. For the most part I am impressed by content, but ease of navigation does play a role. There's nothing worse than a website with more effort put into the way it looks than satisfying the purpose it serves, especially if the site ends up looking crappy anyways. I've tried to make my site informative, while preserving simplicity for appearance and ease of navigation, and am drawn to sites that have a similar philosophy.

With these criteria in mind, here are a few sites that I liked when I visited. The list is not exhaustive, and I'm willing to add more sites as I find them. Contact me if you have created a site that you think I'd like, and I'll consider linking it here.

Sites Dan Likes

Most of these links come from my friends at the Palladium Books Message Boards, where I haunt the
Heroes Unlimited board under the handle The Baron vonClogg:


My current ring navigation stack is linked on the main page; A little more info-

The Official Heroes Unlimited Webring
Name says it all- Admin'd by the PB web guru Midnght as a new effort to manage the "officially tolerated" links
The Palladium Webring
This seems to be the biggest ring out there- Nearly 300 sites last time I looked. Many are decent, some are great....
The SDC Ring
Sites dedicated to Palladium's SDC games (incl HU). Most sites are good, some are great; admin'd by Timethian