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Gravity Manipulation

My Problem:
I've long had a problem with the way this power was implemented because it's very inexact.... It grants the ability to (with one melee attack) instantly crush to death as many people fit into a 20-foot radius, but doesn't explicitly spell it out in the power description. It doesn't provide adequate penalties as gravity increases on a victim, and doesn't make logical sense in some places.

My Solution:
I'm going to greatly reduce the raw power this character wields, but more explicitly spell out what they can do with the power they have. My goal is to make a power that scales across the vast range of characters a super being is likely to encounter, from frail civilians to powerhouse bricks.

1. Increase Gravity: Through intense concentration the character can increase the strength of an existing gravitational field, specifically the gravitational attraction of objects to the earth. The power can be focused on a single object or on an area, but that focus cannot quickly be moved. Focusing on one object, to a maximum mass of 45 kg (100 lbs at 1G) per level of experience, requires one melee action to maintain; an area effect requires all but one of the character's melee actions. Gravity can be increased by a factor equal to the character's experience level every melee; ie, a first level character can double gravity in the first melee, while a ninth level can increase it to 10x normal. This ability is taxing, costing the character 1D4 HitPoints every melee for each multiple of his experience level. For example, after three melees of increasing gravity by the maximum amount, he is taking 3D4 damage per melee directly to hit points

Attacks per Melee: Requires one full melee of concentration, during which the effect "ramps up"
Range: 200 feet (62 m) + 10 feet per level
Damage: 1D6 per 100 lbs of added weight
Area Effected: Object, or 10 feet (3 m) radius + 1 foot per level
Duration: The effect lasts as long as the character concentrates

Special! Objects under the effect of increased gravity are treated as though they are carrying additional weight, but no extra mass; doubling the weight of a ball makes it harder to lift, but it rolls as easily as always. Inanimate objects may collapse under their weight (best judgement of GM); friction between objects and ground surfaces increases proportionally with weight. For living targets, the easiest measure of their resistance to gravitational effects is their strength-to-weight ratio (max lifting weight over body weight); this value is the number of additional "g-factors" they can endure before near-complete immobilization. Comparing the factor of gravity increase to the character's strength-to-weight allows for a simple, universal comparison of the effect of increased weight. For example, a character with Extraordinary PS is five times stronger than someone with identical attributes; he therefore has a strength-to-weight ratio five times higher than his counterpart, and can withstand five times more gravitational increase.

> 1
Reduce attacks per melee and Speed by 25%; -2 to all combat rolls
Reduce attacks per melee and Speed by 50%; -5 to all combat rolls
Reduce to one attack per melee, Speed to minimal; -10 to all combat rolls
No attacks, combat, or movement possible

It should be noted that normal humans have other biological factors to consider under high gravity. Circulation and respiration are all taxed by the added strain of increased gravity. Exposure to 3-4G can cause unconsciousness in less than a minute, and serious damage can be inflicted by even brief periods of exposure to 5-6G. Without specialized equipment, forces of 10G can cause permanent and even fatal damage within seconds. Enhanced PE and HitPoints should mitigate these effects, and APS powers that drastically change a character's body makeup may completely negate them.

2. Zero Gravity: Much simpler than amplifying gravitational fields, the character can warp them around an area to nullify gravity's effect. Without some kind of anchor, any objects or people caught in a zero-gravity will be unable to hold themselves to the ground. Victims will have full control of their limbs, but without friction they won't be able to walk! Unless some kind of bracing is used, victims will be unable to resist lateral forces; they can be pushed around very easily. Note that weightless objects still have mass, and therefore have inertia. Pushing a 2000 lb truck without gravity is almost as hard as with....

Attacks per Melee: Single target engages instantly, requires one attack per melee to maintain; Area effect requires one attack to focus, two attacks per melee to maintain
Range: 200 feet (61 m) + 20 feet per level
Area Effected: Single target, or 20 foot (6 m) + 2 feet per level
Duration: The effect lasts as long as the character concentrates

Special! Victims of zero gravity suffer from combat penalties because of their lack of mobility and bracing. Smashing attacks inflict only half damage, all melee combat actions suffer a -3 penalty; ranged projectile attacks suffer a -5 to strike, but ranged energy attacks suffer only -2. Light-based attacks suffer no combat penalties because they have no knockback.

3. Reduce Gravity: The character can reduce the effects of gravity around himself, granting the effects of increased lifting and carrying capacity and increased leaping height; increase these stats by a factor of the character's experience level; the speed of any flight power will be increased by 10% per level of experience, but this power provides no actual controllable flight of its own. "Non-super" Speed is increased by 50%, and is not affected by inclines.

Attacks per Melee: Requires one melee attack to maintain
Range: Self
Duration: The effect lasts as long as the character concentrates

Notes and other abilities: