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MegaHero Revision

The section of HU2 detailing the creation of MegaHeroes doesn't seem to work very well. The abilities common to all MegaHeroes don't seem entirely appropriate for a wide range of characters, while the Special Mega-Powers and Achilles' Heels seem entirely unbalanced from each other. Some of the Special powers and Vulnerabilities are no more than additional side effects found under other OCCs. I've mainly tried to rebalance the Special Mega-Powers so that each is more reasonable to choose in and of themselves, as well as adding the optional section detailing several common MegaHero personality types.

Common Mega-Powers

All MegaHero characters have all of the following common powers:

Special Mega-Powers

Players can choose one of the following additional abilities:

Achilles' Heels

One of the vulnerabilities in HU2 (pgs 183-184) can be chosen by the players, as written, with the exceptions of: Must Transform into an Inhuman Form to Use Powers, Loves the Opposite Sex, and God Syndrome. Additional choices are:

Personality Types (Optional)

People often seem to react to the immense power and pressure of life as a MegaHero by adopting a stereotypical personality type. Some common types are: